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Community Based Program



‘Bilit’  is the name after a type of TREE called “KEBILIT”.  Bilit Village is a tiny village located along the Kinabatangan River, between Sukau village ( down stream ) and Batu Putih village ( up stream ). It is 130 KM from Sandakan City and it takes 3 hours by sealed road to reach here. The villagers of Bilit, like almost all Orang Sungai, make their living from fishing in the River and the nearby oxbow lake, Danau Bilit.

Bilit Village Homestay is a Community Based program that has more than 10 families participated with 28 rooms, all certified by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia. The program is co-ordinated by Dzulkifli Janggai.

Bilit Village Homestay Program offers unique live-in experiences for visitors to stay with local host families in their homes, eat locally cooked meals (mostly traditional ingredients) and learn about the cultural life style of the locals. And, best of all, visitors  are packaged to boat-cruise up and down the mighty Kinabatnagan River to see wild life-probocis monkeys, ‘orang utans (if lucky enough!)’, the Bornean Pygmy elephants and birds and a few other activities in the package.